Marek-Burns-Laywell Funeral Home named Chamber Business of the Month

 By Melanie Reed, Cameron Chamber of Commerce


Our January Business of the Month is Marek-Burns-Laywell Funeral Home and Goza Funeral Homes Service. 

Cameron is so proud to have this long-established business still supporting Cameron for 100+ years. Maurice and Vicki Goza have continued with tradition and actively support our community on many levels. We are blessed to have the Goza family in Cameron. Check out the photos of ambulances from the years: 1909, 1930’s and 1960’s.

Marek-Burns-Laywell Funeral Home was established in 1908 and has been for almost a century providing Central Texas with integrity, compassion, and quality service that so many families have come to trust and depend on.

Maurice Goza and his wife, Vicki, are the present owners and operators of Marek-Burns-Laywell Funeral Home. They continue to provide the community with the same quality service and sense of purpose that has been this establishment’s heritage. Ryan Batten and wife Maria also assist with funeral and monument services.

Marek-Burns-Laywell Funeral Home started way back in 1908 with Bill Marek. Mr. Marek began working in the funeral business at the age of 21, while he worked for one of the local merchants.

A few years later, Bill Burns began working with Mr. Marek, after graduating from Texas Tech where he majored as an electrical engineer. Together, they purchased their first building in late 1939, opening their doors at 202 W 4th Street in Cameron in February 1940.

In 1947, Ed started working for the Weed Corley Funeral Home in Austin. A few months later, Ed started embalming school in 1948 with a loan from Mr. Burns. After finishing his training, he went to work in Dallas for the George A. Brewere Funeral Chapel until he paid Mr. Burns for the loan. Ed came back to Cameron in 1952 and began working for Marek-Burns Funeral Home. On July 1, 1965, Ed became a partner.

Mr. Bill Marek suffered a stroke in 1966 and in July of 1970, Burns-Laywell bought Mr. Marek’s part of the business. Then in April 1978 Mr. Burns suffered a stroke, as well. Ed Laywell bought out Mr. Burns in October of 1978.

Marek-Burns-Laywell Funeral Home moved from the W. 4th St. location to their new building at 2800 N. Travis in September 1983.

Maurice Goza joined the funeral home in 1990 as a part-time employee. He became a full-time employee in 1993 and eventually purchased the business from Ed Laywell on July 7, 1998. 

Maurice and his wife, Vicki, continue to serve the community with the same compassion, integrity, and quality service that has been the corner stone for Marek-Burns-Laywell Funeral Home for almost 100 years.