Cameron PD to begin Explorer program

Cameron students will soon have the opportunity to learn and work alongside the Cameron Police Department as part of a new Explorer program.

Cameron Police Officer Amanda Duncan was on hand to explain the program to Cameron City Council members during a meeting on March 18.

“We are interested in taking the Explorer program to the Cameron area,” Duncan said. “We really want to give kids something to do, to get them involved in the community. It will be beneficial to us and the community.”

The Explorer program is open to children ages 15 to 21.

“This is a really great program,” she said. “Classroom education is a requirement for this program. It teaches them all the aspects of what we do as peace officers. Introducing this to children helps with community policing. We really need that. Our kids talk to us so much.”

Duncan said she gets stopped by more children in her job than anybody just to talk with her and that kids are the ears of the neighborhood.

The program will train the students in CPR, crowd control, police interaction and more.

She said that State Senate Bill 30 now requires all students to take a course on how to interact with police officers before they can graduate. 

“I think that students being able to conference with their peers on how to interact with officers will be a big help,” Duncan said. “When you stop kids today a lot of them have bad attitudes and I believe by training them to deal with officers they will have a better effect on their peers.”

The program also focuses on community service. Duncan said with the small department that Cameron has it will be very helpful to have extra hands and eyes to help with parking and other things at community events.

Duncan said several of Cameron’s police officers have gone through this program and are really excited to see it implemented in Cameron.

The program will also help with team building. 

“Teaching kids to be good honest people is good for everyone,” she said. “It will spread like wildfire.”

The program will be open to 15 to 21 year olds. It is an ongoing program and will last year-round. Meetings will be twice a month to begin with. Students have the chance to advance levels as they progress through the program.

“A lot of these kids who are involved with this program will go on to be police officers,” Police Chief Lonnie Gosch said. “We want that. We would love to see them move on to jobs with the Cameron or Rockdale Police Departments or the Milam County Sheriff’s Department.”

Duncan said she is planning to speak with the school counselor to see who will be interested in the program. 

If you are interested in the Explorer program you can contact Duncan at the Cameron Police Department at (254) 697-6574.